whatever did happen to that boat……

Imagelast morning at the sangam

Imagekaruna showing her battle scars as she’s hauled from the water

Imageshiv bundoo…… master boat man

Imagekaruna was sold to the banerjee family. they live on the yamuna river in allahabad and intend to use and preserve karuna as part of the centuries old history of the area. the $2000 aud profit was donated to various indian friends and families who assisted us in our quest. half of the money went to setting up a scholarship at the little folks school, for three kids from the kuldabad area of allahabad, who otherwise couldn’t afford to go to school, to be educated to high school level.

Imagethe banerjee family stated that the legend of karuna will live on with her making an appearance at future kumbh melas

Imageour guru……. shiv bundoo


walking back over the yamuna for the last time

Imagethe view of the sangam from the yamuna bridge. it was an emotional moment saying goodbye to the sangam. we had just spent a month boating on this very spot, getting to know many of the characters and rituals that make up the biggest festival in the world.

2 thoughts on “whatever did happen to that boat……

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. Safe travels to you all on all your future adventures. There are bound to be many more to come!
    Your Shanghai friends-
    Abby and Egan

  2. Thanks for all the pics and notes. Shall cherish them.
    Am happy you are home again safe and sound. Much love always, Grandma.

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